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When anyone asks us our "secret to success," we don't hesitate to reveal it. It's no secret that we couldn't have gotten anywhere without our team of talented, creative engineers. At Ascendant Engineering Solutions we understand that highly specialized work requires an exceptional workforce, and - false modesty aside - we managed to assemble a group of people who we consider pretty exceptional. Ascendant engineers exhibit a penchant for rigorous and innovative thinking, a knack for technical skills, and a spirited commitment to their work.

Most importantly, our engineers have a passion for engineering. It's our philosophy that passion and productivity go hand-in-hand: People are good at what they do when they enjoy doing it. If you're of a similar mind, we'd like to invite you to apply for a position with Ascendant. When you join our company, you'll be in the company of people who love what they do.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Matching 401k
  • Holidays and vacation (3 full weeks per year minimum)
  • Refreshments, snacks and an occasional barbeque
  • Flexible schedule
  • Casual and fun work environment

A Day in the Life of an Ascendant Engineer

Because we think work should be more than just a job, we actively cultivate a positive, invigorating work culture that encourages our employees to grow both professionally and personally. It's not out of the ordinary to see Ascendant engineers hunched over a conference table working out ways to tackle a new project - and then gathered around the same conference table an hour later for a spirited game of Texas Hold'em. We recognize the connection between collaboration and camaraderie - we work smart because we work well as a team. We also place a high value on open communication, which means that the ideas of every employee, from seasoned engineers to young professionals, get airtime in our office.

College Grads

Maybe you'd like to wear sneakers to your day job, but that doesn't mean you're casual about your career. At Ascendant, you can kick-start your career in engineering - and still wear your kicks to work every once in awhile. We're looking for self-motivated individuals with strong technical ability that will thrive in a collaborative, hands-on environment that offers a variety of challenging projects. As a young professional, you'll get to work alongside experienced engineers, as well as earn the opportunity to take on higher levels of responsibility as your career progresses. When the weekend rolls around, explore Austin by grabbing a margarita at a local Tex Mex joint, taking a dip in Barton Springs, or catching a show at one of the many live-music venues downtown.

Opportunities for Experienced Professionals

We're always on the look-out for seasoned professionals to contribute their engineering expertise and practical experience to Ascendant. Flexible work hours and competitive compensation make Ascendant a great place for individuals who strive to balance their career with a family. Take a look at our job openings to find out if you're a match for one of our positions.

Open Positions

At Ascendant Engineering Solutions we are always looking for highly motivated technically excellent engineering talent. Below is a list of open positions we require to be filled in the near term. Feel free to submit your resume' if you feel you meet the requirements of one of the positions below. Submit Resume Please indicate which position you feel you are qualified for when you submit your resume'

If the open positions do not fit your background and experience feel free to submit your resume for longer term consideration. Submit Resume